Friday, 23 March 2012

Future stars

This report is all about those glittering youths looking to make it to stardom many managers around the world as well  as fans search to find the hottest talent the next messi the next ronaldo etc.(The list is in no specific order)   
  1. ZAKARIA LABYAD: Dubbed the new afellay a  19 year old  Moroccan national playing his trade in the Dutch league for PSV edinhoven (one of the big guns in Holland). labyad played for the  Dutch  under 17 youth team before switching to the Moroccan national team he is the latest in a long line of  legendary Dutch midfielder s Now he needs to further his development a move to ac Milan to re create the Dutch midfield with urby emalusan that won 2 champions league under sachi.But such a move looks far off in turn he should go to a top 7 club in a big league my first choice would be Newcastle who were  linked with zakaria s  Dutch/Moroccan counterpart Adam Maher,labyad would be better suited to Alan pardews European charge.
  2. EDUARDO VARGAS:The little known player of  napolis famous attack , the Chilean was signed by napoli in the  January transfer window for 12 million euro s from universal de Chile. Dubbed the new Alexis Sanchez he posses a rare ability to rip into opposition defences only possessed by the very best in the game accounting for 42 goals and a numerous number of assists but he has rarely  started for napoli since his move to southern Italy accounting for no more then 5 apps.The reason is Ahead of him is the trinity of Europe Cavani, hamshik and lavezzi.But at the same time it is a bonus having such gifted players around him it will help him grow to accomplish is potential. If napoli is to reach its former glory of marodonna then Vargas will be pivotal to its accomplishment this point is reiterated by the fact that napolis all-star  attack could be brought out by the bigger & richer teams in Europe. 
  3.  MUHAMMAD DIMIRICI:Perhaps the best talent that will come from turkey (I believe even better then the great mesut ozil) this boy is only 17 years of age and already has signed a professional contract for bekitas know as the next messi he is gifted with unplayable dribbling abilities married with excellent skill and technique dimirici will make it to the big time already wanted by man utd & trialed   by none other than Barcelona this boy is on his way to the top next year should be his breakthrough season and expect big things from the Turk his flair and attacking ability is unmatched with 5 goals in 8 match for the Turkish youth team. Muhammad will grow into a fine player but if he is to reach is optimum level of performance then he will have to learn from the best a move to the nou camp will help his talent excel  as he will be surrounded by the best and be trained and coached by the best ,He will also be under the guidance of non other than messi  In 3 years time we could have another barca phenomenal. 

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